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Natives For Your Neighborhood Plant List

Plants in Broward County

Below is a list of cultivated native plants for this zip code. These plants, all within their historical range in this geographic area, are appropriate for use in landscaping here. By planting these native species, you will not only create a low-maintenance landscape to enjoy, but you will also contribute to the conservation and restoration of South Florida’s environment. (For more on this, click here.)

To take gardening with natives a step further, you can learn about the native plant habitats that are appropriate for your area (click the back button to view a list of those habitats). You can then choose a habitat, and view a list of plants for that specific habitat. This way, you can try your hand at restoring a native plant habitat in your yard or at a project site. Habitat lists also include some hard to grow natives and natives with narrow habitat requirements, such as strictly coastal species, that may not be included on your main zip code list.

To view detailed information on the horticultural requirements and landscaping uses of the plants as well as photos for most species, click on any plant name.

This county list is useful for:

· Street, highway, and other roadside plantings
· Parking lot plantings
· General native plant projects requiring only common native species
· Large-scale countywide plantings

The zip code plant lists (found by entering your zip code at left) are useful for:
· Home, school, & office plantings · Native plant community restoration and habitat restoration
· Mitigation
· Planting projects in and near conservation areas and parks

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Widely cultivated
Cultivated at native plant nurseries
Common Name Scientific Name

Cabbage palm  Sabal palmetto
Coastal Plain willow  Salix caroliniana
Dahoon holly, Dahoon  Ilex cassine
Gumbo-limbo  Bursera simaruba
Persimmon, Common persimmon  Diospyros virginiana
Pond-apple  Annona glabra
Red mulberry  Morus rubra
Satinleaf  Chrysophyllum oliviforme
South Florida slash pine  Pinus elliottii var. densa
Strangler fig, Golden fig  Ficus aurea
Virginia live oak  Quercus virginiana
White stopper  Eugenia axillaris
Wild-lime, Lime prickly-ash  Zanthoxylum fagara

Shrubs and Woody Groundcovers
American beautyberry  Callicarpa americana
Coco-plum  Chrysobalanus icaco
Common snowberry, Milkberry  Chiococca alba
Coralbean, Cherokee bean  Erythrina herbacea
Elderberry, American elder  Sambucus nigra subsp. canadensis
Firebush  Hamelia patens var. patens
Gopher-apple  Licania michauxii
Marlberry  Ardisia escallonioides
Myrsine, Colicwood  Myrsine cubana
Pricklypear  Opuntia humifusa
Saltbush, Groundsel tree, Sea-myrtle  Baccharis halimifolia
Saw palmetto  Serenoa repens
Shiny-leaved wild coffee  Psychotria nervosa
Silverling Baccharis glomeruliflora
St. Andrew’s-cross Hypericum hypericoides
Wax myrtle, Southern Bayberry  Myrica cerifera

American bluehearts Buchnera americana
Ball-moss Tillandsia recurvata
Banded wild-pine, Twisted airplant Tillandsia flexuosa
Bulltongue arrowhead, lance-leaved arrowhead  Sagittaria lancifolia
Camphorweed Heterotheca subaxillaris
Candyweed, Showy milkwort Polygala violacea
Eastern gamagrass, Fakahatchee grass  Tripsacum dactyloides
Elliott’s love grass  Eragrostis elliottii
False nettle, Bog hemp, Button-hemp  Boehmeria cylindrica
Florida butterfly orchid Encyclia tampensis
Forked bluecurls  Trichostema dichotomum
Giant leather fern  Acrostichum danaeifolium
Giant wild-pine, Giant airplant Tillandsia utriculata
Golden polypody  Phlebodium aureum
Mild water-pepper, Swamp smartweed  Polygonum hydropiperoides
Narrowleaf yellowtops  Flaveria linearis
Pineland heliotrope Heliotropium polyphyllum
Pink purslane, Kiss-me-quick  Portulaca pilosa
Purple thistle  Cirsium horridulum
Reflexed wild-pine, Northern needleleaf Tillandsia balbisiana
Resurrection fern Pleopeltis polypodioides var. michauxiana
Rosy camphorweed  Pluchea baccharis
Saw-grass, Jamaica swamp sawgrass  Cladium jamaicense
Southern shield fern  Thelypteris kunthii
Southern-fleabane, Oakleaf fleabane Erigeron quercifolius
Spanish-moss Tillandsia usneoides
Starrush whitetop  Rhynchospora colorata
Stiff-leaved wild-pine, Cardinal airplant Tillandsia fasciculata var. densispica
Swamp fern, Toothed midsorus fern  Blechnum serrulatum
Sweetscent Pluchea odorata
Thin-leaved wild-pine, Southern needleleaf Tillandsia setacea
Turkey tangle fogfruit, Capeweed, Frogfruit  Phyla nodiflora
Virginia saltmarsh mallow  Kosteletzkya pentacarpos
Walter’s groundcherry  Physalis walteri
Water hyssop, Herb-of-grace  Bacopa monnieri
Whitemouth dayflower Commelina erecta

Vines and Climbers
Calusa grape Vitis shuttleworthii
Climbing hempweed, Climbing hempvine  Mikania scandens
Corkystem passionflower  Passiflora suberosa
Muscadine, Muscadine grape  Vitis rotundifolia
Virginia-creeper, Woodbine  Parthenocissus quinquefolia

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