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Wildlife-Plant Interactions

Plant Associates of
Giant Swallowtail

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Common Name Scientific Name Plant Uses
Biscayne prickly-ash Zanthoxylum coriaceum Larval host.
Brazilian-pepper Schinus terebinthifolius Nectar source.
Cat’s-claw, Catclaw blackbead Pithecellobium unguis-cati Nectar source.
Citron Citrus medica Larval host.
Common torchwood, Sea torchwood Amyris elemifera Larval host.
Florida Keys blackbead Pithecellobium keyense Nectar source.
Grapefruit Citrus x paradisi Larval host.
Hercules’-club Zanthoxylum clava-herculis Larval host.
Jack-in-the-bush Chromolaena odorata Nectar source.
Key lime Citrus aurantifolia Larval host.
Lemon Citrus limon Larval host.
Mandarin lime, Rangpur lime Citrus x limonia Larval host.
Mexican flamevine Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides Nectar source.
Mouse’s pineapple, Redgal, Yellowroot Morinda royoc Nectar source.
Papaya Carica papaya Nectar source.
Paper flower Bougainvillea glabra Nectar source.
Poisonwood, Florida poisontree Metopium toxiferum Nectar source.
Smooth strongback, Bahama strongbark Bourreria succulenta Nectar source.
Sour orange Citrus aurantium Larval host.
Swamp milkweed Asclepias incarnata Nectar source.
Sweet orange Citrus sinensis Larval host.
Tangerine Citrus reticulata Larval host.
West Indian satinwood, Yellowwood Zanthoxylum flavum Larval host.
Wild-lime, Lime prickly-ash Zanthoxylum fagara Larval host.
Wild-sage, Buttonsage Lantana involucrata Nectar source.

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