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There are 2582 taxa reported for South Florida.

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Scientific Name: Common Name: Native Status:
Ilex ambigua Sand holly, Carolina holly Native
Ilex cassine Dahoon holly, Dahoon Native
Ilex cornuta Chinese holly, Horned holly Not Native, Cultivated Only
Ilex glabra Gallberry, Inkberry Native
Ilex krugiana Krug’s holly, Tawnyberry holly Native
Ilex opaca var. opaca American holly Native
Ilex opaca var. arenicola Scrub holly Native
Ilex vomitoria Yaupon Not Native, Cultivated Only
Impatiens balsamina Garden balsam, Rose balsam Not Native, Naturalized
Imperata brasiliensis Brazilian satintail Native
Imperata cylindrica Congongrass, Cogongrass Not Native, Naturalized
Indigofera caroliniana Carolina indigo Native
Indigofera hirsuta Hairy indigo Not Native, Naturalized
Indigofera miniata var. florida Florida coastal indigo Native
Indigofera mucronata var. keyensis Florida Keys indigo Native
Indigofera spicata Creeping indigo, Trailing indigo Not Native, Naturalized
Indigofera suffruticosa Shrub indigo Not Native, Naturalized
Indigofera tinctoria True indigo Not Native, Naturalized
Ionopsis utricularioides Delicate violet orchid Native
Ipomoea alba Common moonflowers, Moonflowers Native
Ipomoea aquatica Water-spinach Not Native, Naturalized
Ipomoea asarifolia Ginger-leaf morning-glory Not Native, Naturalized
Ipomoea batatas Sweetpotato Not Native, Naturalized
Ipomoea cairica Mile-a-minute vine Not Native, Naturalized
Ipomoea carnea subsp. fistulosa Bush morningglory Not Native, Naturalized
Ipomoea cordatotriloba Tievine Native
Ipomoea hederacea Ivyleaf moriningglory Not Native, Naturalized
Ipomoea hederifolia Scarletcreeper Native
Ipomoea imperati Beach morningglory Native
Ipomoea indica Ocean-blue morningglory Native
Ipomoea lacunosa Whitestar Doubtfully Native
Ipomoea macrorhiza Largeroot morningglory Not Native, Naturalized
Ipomoea microdactyla Man-in-the-ground, ‘Bejuco colorado’ Native
Ipomoea muricata Lilacbell Not Native, Naturalized
Ipomoea pandurata Wild potato vine, Man-of-the-earth Doubtfully Native
Ipomoea pes-caprae subsp. brasiliensis Railroad vine, Bayhops Native
Ipomoea quamoclit Cypressvine Not Native, Naturalized
Ipomoea sagittata Everglades morningglory Native
Ipomoea tenuissima Rockland morningglory Native
Ipomoea triloba Three-lobed morningglory, Littlebell Not Native, Naturalized
Ipomoea violacea Coastal morningglory Native
Ipomoea x leucantha Morningglory Doubtfully Native
Iresine diffusa Juba’s bush, Bloodleaf Native
Iris savannarum Savanna iris, Prairie iris Native
Isoetes flaccida Florida quillwort Native
Itea virginica Virginia-willow, Virginia sweetspire Native
Iva frutescens Saltmarsh-elder, Bigleaf sumpweed Native
Iva imbricata Beach-elder, Seacoast marshelder Native
Iva microcephala Piedmont marshelder Native
Ixora chinensis Not Native, Cultivated Only
Ixora coccinea Scarlet jungleflame Not Native, Naturalized
Ixora macrothyrsa Not Native, Cultivated Only
Ixora pavetta Smallflower jungleflame Not Native, Naturalized