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Coastal Interdunal Swale

There are 45 taxa reported for the Coastal Interdunal Swale habitat
in the Florida Keys

A short description of the Coastal Interdunal Swale community from The Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI) is “linear wetlands between dunes on sandy barrier islands; inundated by local rainfall events; Panhandle to central peninsula; herbaceous or shrubby; sawgrass, hairawn muhly, broomsedge, seashore paspalum, Baker’s cordgrass, saltmeadow cordgrass, wax myrtle, coastalplain willow.” A full description can be found in FNAI's 2010 Guide to the Natural Communities of Florida.
Scientific Name: Common Name: Florida Keys Native Status:
Acrostichum danaeifolium Giant leather fern Native
Agalinis maritima Saltmarsh false foxglove Native
Alternanthera flavescens Yellow joyweed Native
Andropogon glomeratus var. pumilus Common bushy bluestem Native
Baccharis halimifolia Saltbush, Groundsel tree, Sea-myrtle Native
Bacopa monnieri Water hyssop, Herb-of-grace Native
Batis maritima Saltwort, Turtleweed Native
Borrichia arborescens Green sea-oxeye-daisy, Tree seaside oxeye Native
Borrichia frutescens Silver sea-oxeye-daisy, Bushy seaside oxeye Native
Buchnera americana American bluehearts Native
Cenchrus incertus Coastal sandbur Native
Centella asiatica Coinwort, Spadeleaf Native
Chrysobalanus icaco Coco-plum Native
Cladium jamaicense Saw-grass, Jamaica swamp sawgrass Native
Conocarpus erectus Buttonwood Native
Cyperus ligularis Swamp flatsedge Native
Cyperus odoratus Fragrant flatsedge Native
Cyperus planifolius Flatleaf flatsedge Native
Eleocharis geniculata Canada spikerush Native
Eustachys petraea Common fingergrass, Pinewoods fingergrass Native
Eustoma exaltatum Seaside gentian, Marshgentian Native
Fimbristylis cymosa Hurricane sedge, Hurricanegrass Not Native, Naturalized
Funastrum clausum Whitevine, White twinevine Native
Kosteletzkya pentacarpos Virginia saltmarsh mallow Native
Ludwigia octovalvis Mexican primrosewillow Doubtfully Native
Mikania scandens Climbing hempweed, Climbing hempvine Native
Muhlenbergia capillaris Muhlygrass, Hairawn muhly Native
Opuntia stricta Erect pricklypear Native
Paspalum vaginatum Seashore paspalum Native
Phyla nodiflora Turkey tangle fogfruit, Capeweed, Frogfruit Native
Pluchea odorata Sweetscent Native
Rhabdadenia biflora Mangrove rubbervine, Mangrovevine Native
Rhizophora mangle Red mangrove Native
Rhynchospora colorata Starrush whitetop Native
Sabal palmetto Cabbage palm Native
Sabatia stellaris Rose-of-Plymouth Native
Sagittaria lancifolia Bulltongue arrowhead, lance-leaved arrowhead Possibly Extirpated
Samolus ebracteatus Water pimpernel, Limewater brookweed Native
Schinus terebinthifolius Brazilian-pepper Not Native, Naturalized
Serenoa repens Saw palmetto Native
Sesuvium portulacastrum Perennial sea-purslane, Shoreline seapurslane Native
Sporobolus virginicus Seashore dropseed Native
Symphyotrichum tenuifolium Brace’s aster Native
Thelypteris kunthii Southern shield fern Native
Typha domingensis Southern cat-tail Native