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Tidal Swamp

There are 37 taxa reported for the Tidal Swamp habitat.

Expansive intertidal and supratidal area occupied primarily by woody vascular macrophytes (e.g., black mangrove, buttonwood, red mangrove, and white mangrove); may include various epiphytes and epifauna.
Scientific Name: Common Name: South Florida Native Status:
Acrostichum aureum Golden leather fern Native
Acrostichum danaeifolium Giant leather fern Native
Atriplex cristata Beach orach, Crested saltbush Native
Avicennia germinans Black mangrove Native
Batis maritima Saltwort, Turtleweed Native
Borrichia arborescens Green sea-oxeye-daisy, Tree seaside oxeye Native
Borrichia frutescens Silver sea-oxeye-daisy, Bushy seaside oxeye Native
Casuarina equisetifolia Australian-pine, Horsetail casuarina Not Native, Naturalized
Catopsis berteroniana Powdery strap airplant Native
Conocarpus erectus Buttonwood Native
Cynodon dactylon var. dactylon Bermuda grass Not Native, Naturalized
Cyrtopodium punctatum Cowhorn orchid, Cigar orchid Native
Dalbergia brownei Brown’s Indian rosewood Native
Encyclia tampensis Florida butterfly orchid Native
Fimbristylis cymosa Hurricane sedge, Hurricanegrass Not Native, Naturalized
Laguncularia racemosa White mangrove Native
Limonium carolinianum Saltmarsh-rosemary, Carolina sealavender Native
Lycium carolinianum Christmasberry, Carolina desertthorn Native
Neurodium lanceolatum Ribbon fern Native
Pandanus tectorius Pandanus palm, Thatch screw-pine, Tahitian screw-pine Not Native, Cultivated Only
Pavonia paludicola Mangrove mallow, Swampbush Native
Prosthechea boothiana var. erythronioides Dollar orchid Native
Rhabdadenia biflora Mangrove rubbervine, Mangrovevine Native
Rhipsalis baccifera Mistletoe cactus CN
Rhizophora mangle Red mangrove Native
Sarcocornia perennis Perennial glasswort Native
Schinus terebinthifolius Brazilian-pepper Not Native, Naturalized
Sesuvium portulacastrum Perennial sea-purslane, Shoreline seapurslane Native
Tillandsia balbisiana Reflexed wild-pine, Northern needleleaf Native
Tillandsia fasciculata var. densispica Stiff-leaved wild-pine, Cardinal airplant Native
Tillandsia flexuosa Banded wild-pine, Twisted airplant Native
Tillandsia paucifolia Twisted wild-pine, Potbelly airplant Native
Tillandsia recurvata Ball-moss Native
Tillandsia usneoides Spanish-moss Native
Tillandsia utriculata Giant wild-pine, Giant airplant Native
Tillandsia x smalliana Reddish wild-pine Native
Vanilla barbellata Wormvine orchid Native