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Blue Jay
Cyanocitta cristata

Copyright by: Beryn Harty, 2022.

A medium-sized bird measuring up to 12 inches in length. Bright blue above with white and black in the wings, whitish below, black facial markings, and a prominent crest.
Resident in eastern and central North America.
Oak forests, parks, gardens, and yards with oak trees (Quercus species).
2 to 7 greenish eggs with brown spots are laid in astick nest placed in the crotch of a tree.
Natural History:
This species often buries seeds and acorns and since many are not retreived, trees are planted.
This species feeds on arthropods, acorns, nuts, fruits, seeds, and small vertebrates.
Can be found in South Florida year round.
Kushlan & Hines (2014)

Copyright by: Beryn Harty, 2022.

Copyright by: Joe Montes de Oca

Copyright by: Joe Montes de Oca

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