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Plant-Wildlife Interactions

Animal Associates of
Turkey tangle fogfruit, Capeweed, Frogfruit

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Common Name Scientific Name Plant Uses
Barred Yellow Eurema daira Nectar source.
Ceraunus Blue Hemiargus ceraunus antibubastis Nectar source.
Common Buckeye Junonia coenia Larval host.
Dainty Sulphur Nathalis iole Nectar source.
Gray Hairstreak Strymon melinus Larval host.
Miami Blue Cyclargus thomasi bethunebakeri Nectar source.
Phaon Crescent Phyciodes phaon Larval host and nectar source.
Queen Danaus gilippus Nectar source.
White Peacock Anartia jatrophae Larval host.

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