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Galactia smallii H.J. Rogers ex Herndon
Small’s milkpea

Family: Fabaceae

Group: Dicot

Substrate: Terrestrial

Habit: Herb

Perennation: Perennial

Native Range: South Florida in Miami-Dade County.

NatureServe Global Status: Critically Imperiled

United States Federal Status: Endangered

State of Florida Status: Endangered

Florida Natural Areas Inventory State Status: Critically Imperiled

IRC SOUTH FLORIDA Status: Imperiled

SOUTH FLORIDA Occurrence: Present

SOUTH FLORIDA Native Status: Native

SOUTH FLORIDA Cultivated Status: Cultivated

Comments: We follow Nesom (2015) with regard to this use of this name versus Galactia volubilis as in Wunderlin & Hansen (2011). This is a procumbent (non-twining) Galactia with herbaceous, broad leaflets, 6–20 mm wide, without raised venation, and relatively large flowers, 10–15 mm long. Due to changing taxonomic concepts, we have modified several reports of this in Miami-Dade County from False to Reported (see below). Previous reassignments of some of these reports to Galactia pinetorum may have been in error and these reported occurrences are in need of review and documentation. See also the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Species Profile.

Synonyms: Galactia prostrata; Galactia regularis of Wunderlin 1998, in part, not (L.) Britton, Sterns, & Poggenb.; Galactia volubilis of Wunderlin & Hansen 2011, in part, not (L.) Britton.


Galactia smallii
Copyright by: Roger L. Hammer

Other data on Galactia smallii available from :
Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants
Galactia smallii has been found in the following 13 conservation areas :
Occurrence Native Status
Bill Sadowski Park Reported
Camp Owaissa Bauer Reported
Deering Estate at Cutler Reported
Everglades National Park Reported
Ingram Pineland Present Native
Larry and Penny Thompson Park Reported
Navy Wells Pineland Present Native
Palm Drive Pineland Present Native
Pine Ridge Sanctuary Present Native
Rock Pit #39 Present Native
Seminole Wayside Park Present Native
Sunny Palms Pineland Present Native
Zoo Miami Reported

Galactia smallii has been found in the following county :
Occurrence Native Status
Miami-Dade County Native

Galactia smallii has been found in the following habitat :
Pine Rockland

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Galactia smallii
Copyright by: Roger L. Hammer
Galactia smallii
Copyright by: Keith A. Bradley