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Euploca fruticosa (L.) J.I.M. Melo & Semir
Key West heliotrope

Family: Boraginaceae

Group: Dicot

Substrate: Terrestrial

Habit: Herb

Perennation: Annual

Native Range: South Florida, the Greater Antilles, Mexico, Central America and northern South America.

Map of select IRC data for peninsular Florida

State of Florida Status: Endangered

IRC SOUTH FLORIDA Status: Possibly Extirpated or Extinct in the Wild

SOUTH FLORIDA Occurrence: Possibly Extirpated

SOUTH FLORIDA Native Status: Native

SOUTH FLORIDA Cultivated Status: Not Cultivated

Comments: For images, visit the Malezas de México (Weeds of Mexico) website.

Synonyms: Heliotropium fruticosum, H. myosotoides, H. phyllostachyum.

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Euploca fruticosa has been found in the following county :
Occurrence Native Status
Monroe County (Keys) Presumed Extirpated Presumed Extirpated

Euploca fruticosa has been found in the following habitat :
Rockland Hammock