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Euphorbia bombensis Jacq.
Sand-dune spurge, Dixie sandmat

Euphorbia bombensis
Copyright by: Roger L. Hammer

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Group: Dicot

Substrate: Terrestrial

Habit: Herb

Perennation: Perennial

Native Range: Southeastern Unites States, West Indies (Cuba), southern Mexico, Central America and northern South America.

Map of Florida Locations


SOUTH FLORIDA Occurrence: Present

SOUTH FLORIDA Native Status: Native

SOUTH FLORIDA Cultivated Status: Not Cultivated

Synonyms: Chamaesyce bombensis.

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Euphorbia bombensis has been found in the following 26 conservation areas :
Occurrence Native Status
Atlantic Dunes Park Present Native
Bahia Honda State Park Possibly Extirpated Possibly Extirpated
Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park Present Native
Biscayne National Park Present Native
Blowing Rocks Preserve Present Native
Cayo Costa State Park Present Native
Crandon Park Present Native
Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park Present Native
Delray Beach Municipal Beach Present Native
Delray Oaks Natural Area Present Native
Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park Present Native
Gopher Tortoise Preserve Present Native
Hugh Taylor Birch State Park Present Native
J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge Present Native
John D. MacArthur Beach State Park Present Native
Jonathan Dickinson State Park Present Native
Juno Dunes Natural Area Present Native
Jupiter Ridge Natural Area Present Native
Lignumvitae Key Botanical State Park Assumed to be Present Native
Muscara Present Native
Ocean Ridge Hammock Park Present Native
Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Present Native
South Beach Park Present Native
St. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park Present Native
Stump Pass Beach State Park Present Native
Virginia Key Beach Park and Marine Stadium Present Native

Euphorbia bombensis has been found in the following 8 counties :
Occurrence Native Status
Broward County Native
Charlotte County Native
Collier County Native
Lee County Native
Martin County Native
Miami-Dade County Native
Monroe County (Keys) Native
Palm Beach County Native

Euphorbia bombensis has been found in the following habitat :
Beach Dune

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Euphorbia bombensis
Copyright by: Roger L. Hammer