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Floristic Inventory of the Florida Keys Database Online

There are 1026 taxa reported for the Florida Keys.

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Scientific Name: Common Name: Native Status:
Ochrosia elliptica Elliptic yellowwood Not Native, Naturalized
Ocimum campechianum Wild basil, Wild sweet basil Native
Oeceoclades maculata African ground orchid, Monk orchid Not Native, Naturalized
Oenothera laciniata Cut-leaf evening-primrose Doubtfully Native
Oenothera simulans Southern gaura, Southern beeblossum Native
Okenia hypogaea Beach-peanut, Burrowing four-o’clock Native
Oldenlandia corymbosa Flattop mille graines Not Native, Naturalized
Oplismenus hirtellus subsp. setarius Woodsgrass, Basketgrass Native
Opuntia abjecta Jumping cactus Native
Opuntia cochenillifera Cochineal cactus Not Native, Cultivated Only
Opuntia humifusa Pricklypear Possibly Extirpated
Opuntia ochrocentra Bullsuckers Native
Opuntia stricta Erect pricklypear Native
Orthosia scoparia Hairnetvine, Leafless swallowwort Native
Oxalis corniculata Lady's-sorrel, Common yellow woodsorrel Native
Oxalis debilis var. corymbosa Violet wood sorrel, Pink woodsorrel Not Native, Naturalized