A program of The Institute for Regional Conservation

A program of The Institute for Regional Conservation

A program of The Institute for Regional Conservation

A program of The Institute for Regional Conservation

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Regional Conservation Models


IRC's mission demands that we conserve entire ecosystems and all the species found within them, not only the charismatic species. To this end, IRC had developed innovative models of regional conservation. From our studies and inventories we have developed multiple online databases. Our online databases serve as important tools for students, researchers, land managers, and landowners. We continue to work to expand our inventories and improve our databases.

Sample Conservation Model programs:

A program of The Institute for Regional Conservation
Floristic Inventory of South Florida. In response to observations of species decline, IRC began work on the Floristic Inventory of South Florida (FISF) in 1995. The FISF catalogs and assesses the conservation status of the native and naturalized plants of South Florida. This database gives us an understanding of species composition, status, and conservation efforts required to maintain diversity and prevent extinction of South Florida's plants. This inventory resulted in the discovery of new species to South Florida and changing of conservation status of many rare species. The FISF also resulted in the publication of the book Rare Plants of South Florida: Their History, Conservation, and Restoration. To access the results of the FISF, visit the FISF database online.
A program of The Institute for Regional Conservation
Natives for Your Neighborhood. Using the results of the FISF, IRC created Natives for Your Neighborhood (NFYN) as a resource for land owners who wish to turn their hobby of gardening into habitat restoration. By planting native species in your yard you not only save money and conserve water, you also are restoring the link between people and nature by creating habitat within urban areas. This habitat will support not only native plant diversity but will also attract desirable animals such as birds and butterflies to your yard. Though currently focused on South Florida, IRC conservationists are busy working on expanding the program statewide and integrating mapping tools. For more information and a plant list for your area, visit the NFYN page.


Regional Conservation Models Reports and Projects

If you have a good, diagnostic photo of a plant and would like to add it to our database, please send it to George Gann our Chief Conservation Strategist. See the contact information below.

Contact Regional Conservation Model Scientists:

George D. Gann
Chief Conservation Strategist

100 E Linton Blvd
Suite 302B
Delray Beach, FL 33483