A program of The Institute for Regional Conservation

A program of The Institute for Regional Conservation

A program of The Institute for Regional Conservation

A program of The Institute for Regional Conservation

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Program Background:

Over the past 20 years, IRC has developed a number of programs designed to prevent regional extinctions of rare plants, animals and ecosystems and to improve conservation and restoration projects on a regional basis. Central to this work is a belief that people can work with nature to restore ecosystems and a healthy sense of place. In fact, we believe our future depends on it.

Our programs are designed to accomplish conservation in the real world. They are based on the following methods:

  • collecting baseline scientific data
  • assessing conservation needs, planning and providing technical support for conservation
  • designing and implementing ecological restoration projects and long-term management programs
  • monitoring the effects of conservation projects on rare species and ecosystems and assessing needs for adaptive management
  • providing public education and publishing the results of our work online and in technical and popular journals
  • nurturing a community of supporters to help us achieve our mission

Since 1994, our main focus has been to develop and test methods for rare plants conservation in South Florida. In addition, we have expanded our reach to test our methods with plants around the Caribbean. Though much of our work still revolves around plants, we have done work with several rare and endangered animal species as well. See our projects page for an extensive list of IRC's activities since 1994.

If you are interested in developing joint programs with IRC in your area please contact us.

For an extensive list of our past and current work as well as links to reports and publications, use the following links


IRC Program Groups:

Regional Conservation Modeling

Applied Conservation Science

Ecological Restoration and Management



IRC Resources:

Rare Plants of South Florida: Their History, Conservation, and Restoration: This publication, based on over 10 years of data collection and analysis, provides an overview of the conservation status of the native plants of South Forida. Understanding the whole picture of plant status in South Florida gives land managers the information they need to protect and restore the native plant diversity of South Florida.

Floristic Inventory of South Florida (FISF) and the Floristic Inventory of the Florida Keys (FIFK) Databases Online: The FISF and FIFK databases online compile the data from IRC's extensive plant inventories and presents it in an easily searchable format. With information and photographs of more than 2,500 species, along with the continual addition of new data, the FISF and FIFK are invaluable to the researchers, students, and land managers who rely on them.

Natives for Your Neighborhood (NFYF): NFYN allows individual land owners to conduct habitat restoration in their own yards by providing them an easy to use tool to get lists of plants and information about what species to use in their own yards based on historical species distributions.