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Plant-Wildlife Interactions

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Florida Keys blackbead

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Common Name Scientific Name Plant Uses
Cassius Blue Leptotes cassius theonus Larval host and nectar source.
Florida Duskywing Ephyriades brunneus Nectar source.
Florida White Appias drusilla Nectar source.
Giant Swallowtail Papilio cresphontes Nectar source.
Great Southern White Ascia monuste Nectar source.
Hammock Skipper Polygonus leo Nectar source.
Large Orange Sulphur Phoebis agarithe Larval host and nectar source.
Mangrove Skipper Phocides pigmalion Nectar source.
Miami Blue Cyclargus thomasi bethunebakeri Larval host and nectar source.
Southern Broken-Dash Wallengrenia otho Nectar source.

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