Small butterwort
Pinguicula pumila

Landscape Uses:

Primarily recommended for natural landscapes and habitat restorations.

Ecological Restoration Notes:

Grown by enthusiasts.
Small herbaceous wildflower.
About 1-2 inches in height; to 6 inches when in flower. Taller than broad when in flower.
Growth Rate:
Eastern United States west to Texas and Oklahoma and south to the Monroe County Keys; northern Bahamas. In the Monroe County Keys, disjunct from Miami-Dade County to the pine rocklands of Big Pine Key. Rare or absent in Miami-Dade County outside of Everglades National Park. Perhaps extirpated in Broward County where last collected near Margate in 1963.
Pinelands and prairies.
Seasonally wet, well-drained to moderately well-drained sandy or limestone soils, without humus.
Nutritional Requirements:
Low; it grows in nutrient poor soils.
Salt Water Tolerance:
Low; does not tolerate flooding by salt or brackish water.
Salt Wind Tolerance:
Low; salt wind may burn the leaves.
Drought Tolerance:
Low; requires moist to wet soils and is intolerant of long periods of drought.
Light Requirements:
Full sun.
Flower Color:
Blue to violet, pink, yellow or white.
Flower Characteristics:
Semi-showy, 3/8-1/2" wide.
Flowering Season:
Inconspicuous capsule.
Wildlife and Ecology:
This is a carnivorous species, which traps small insects on its leaves.
Horticultural Notes:
See also the Florida Wildflower Foundation's Flower Friday page.

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Shirley Denton
Shirley Denton
Shirley Denton