Sea Oats Beach
County: Monroe County (Keys)
Size: 1.03 acres
Managing Agency: The Nature Conservancy

There are 1 taxa reported for
Sea Oats Beach

Group By Family:

Scientific Name: Occurrence: Native Status: Introduced Status: Invasive Status: Cultivated Status: Reference: Voucher:
Scientific Name: Cuscuta umbellata
Occurrence: Possibly Extirpated
Native Status: Possibly Extirpated
Introduced Status: Not Introduced
Invasive Status: Native
Reference Number: 2669
Voucher: 2669
Cuscuta umbellata
Possibly Extirpated Possibly Extirpated Not Introduced Native 2669 2669

References for Sea Oats Beach:
Hoffman, W. 1997. Observations of vascular plants at Seaoats Beach, Lower Matecumbe Key, Monroe County, Florida.

Vouchers for Sea Oats Beach:
Hoffman s.n., FTG