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Jupiter Inlet Natural Area
County: Palm Beach County
Size: 54.33 acres
Latitude: 26.9526895730385º Longitude: -80.082511971164º
Managing Agency: Palm Beach County and the United States Bureau of Land Management

There are 3 taxa reported for
Jupiter Inlet Natural Area

Group By Family:

Scientific Name: Occurrence: Native Status: Introduced Status: Invasive Status: Cultivated Status: Reference: Voucher:
Asimina tetramera Present Native Not Introduced Native 20586
Cuscuta exaltata Assumed to be Present Native Not Introduced Native 14625
Jacquemontia reclinata Recorded as Present in Error 16703

References for Jupiter Inlet Natural Area:
Farnsworth, S. 2001. Personal observations of vascular plants at Jupiter Inlet, from e-mail message dated 10 April 2001.
United States Fish and Wildlife Service. 1996. Recovery plan for Beach Jacquemontia (Jacquemontia reclinata). Jacksonville: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.