Jupiter Inlet Lot 13
County: Palm Beach County
Size: 26.35 acres
Latitude: 26.9506238420807º Longitude: -80.0797761179688º
Managing Agency: Town of Jupiter and the United States Bureau of Land Management

There are 1 taxa reported for
Jupiter Inlet Lot 13

Group By Family:

Scientific Name: Occurrence: Native Status: Introduced Status: Invasive Status: Cultivated Status: Reference: Voucher:
Scientific Name: Cuscuta exaltata
Occurrence: Present
Native Status: Native
Introduced Status: Not Introduced
Reference Number: 20586
Cuscuta exaltata
Present Native Not Introduced 20586

References for Jupiter Inlet Lot 13:
Farnsworth, S. 2001. Personal observations of vascular plants at Jupiter Inlet, from e-mail message dated 10 April 2001.