Cross Key
County: Monroe County (Keys)
Size: 124 acres
Latitude: 25.19028º Longitude: -80.40611º
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Managing Agency: The Nature Conservancy

There are 1 taxa reported for
Cross Key

Group By Family:

Scientific Name: Occurrence: Native Status: Introduced Status: Invasive Status: Cultivated Status: Reference: Voucher:
Scientific Name: Digitaria serotina
Occurrence: Presumed Extirpated
Native Status: Presumed Extirpated
Introduced Status: Not Introduced
Invasive Status: Not Invasive
Reference Number: 19150
Voucher: 19150
Digitaria serotina
Presumed Extirpated Presumed Extirpated Not Introduced Not Invasive 19150 19150

Vouchers for Cross Key:
Small & Carter 2428, NY