A program of The Institute for Regional Conservation

A program of The Institute for Regional Conservation

A program of The Institute for Regional Conservation

A program of The Institute for Regional Conservation

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IRC's Book "Rare Plants of South Florida : Their History, Conservation, and Restoration"

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Executive Summary
Ch 1: The Floristic Inventory of South Florida
Ch 2: Status of the South Florida Flora
Ch 3: Restoring South Florida's Rare Plant Diversity
Ch 4: The Extinct, Extirpated, and Historical Plants of South Florida
Ch 5: The Critically Imperiled Plants of South Florida
Restoring South Florida's Native Plant Heritage - Reviews

"... a permanent reference point against which future plant restoration efforts will be judged... This book, and the database behind it, will be indispensable to restorationists, land managers, and avid naturalists in South Florida..."

Eric Higgs, Ph.D., Chair, Society for Ecological Restoration International, and Director, School of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria

"A book with profound significance for plant conservation, not only for South Florida, but for the entire state of Florida, the nation, and the world."

Richard P. Wunderlin, Ph.D., University of South Florida, Tampa

"... essential for any government agency or individual attempting to restore and conserve South Florida's rarest plants."

Dave Martin, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, in Ecological Restoration

"This volume provides clear, well-considered, and well-researched guidance about the status and management needs of rare plants in a region critical for biodiversity. It is an invaluable reference for conservation, management, and research efforts in South Florida."

Doria Gordon, Ph.D., State Ecologist, The Nature Conservancy of Florida

"This book fills a huge void of information regarding rare plants of South Florida and will be invaluable to resource managers charged with preserving natural areas that harbor federal- and state-listed threatened and endangered species. Indeed, anyone with a keen interest in South Florida's rare flora will find this book to be a cherished resource."

Roger L. Hammer, Naturalist, Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation Department